Below please find the first few lessons. The rest of the lessons can be found in a YouTube playlist

The entire book is taught page by page in a concise course. Lessons are numbered sequentially, from 1 to 120. The page number within each lesson corresponds to the book page, for easy reference. For example, Lesson 58 (Pg 79) refers to the 58th lesson which follows the material on page 79 of our book.


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Further Study Links

Dr. Nick Giannoukakis has put together these wonderful, free-of-charge teaching videos on what is traditionally the first book to study after the basics, which is the Anastastimatarion.

Our Psaltic Method uses melodies from Liturgy to teach the basics. Anastastimatarion, as a book, contains the hymns we chant before Liturgy, during what's known as Orthros or Matins. Anastasimatarion is the most fundamental book after a student learns the basics. Traditionally, it is the first 'real' book a student learns ('real' in the sense that you can take it to the church and chant from it directly). 

There are many Anastasimatarion editions in print. The book Dr. Giannoukakis uses, which contains the Sunday Matins (and their Saturday Vespers), is the 1905 Patriarchal Edition of Petros Lambadarios through the pen of Ioannis Protopsalt. We recommend this teaching resource as a great next step. By the end of our Psaltic Method, you should be adequately prepared to take those lessons. 

You can download the Anastasimatarion as a PDF or purchase a paperback copy in our Reprint web page.